Start-up Ecosystem is Thriving in Dallas, Texas

bridge-936591_960_720Texas, as a whole, is thriving and pioneering start-ups are putting the state on the world map for innovation. Although Austin may traditionally be thought to be the mecca of innovation in Texas, just 200 miles northeast, the city of Dallas is booming too. Dallas, while famous for being home to the cowboys, is also dwelling 18 Fortune 500 company headquarters and has a bustling business scene. A wide range of entrepreneurs, investors, young start-ups and innovators, are all assisting in creating a start-up ecosystem that is flourishing.

However, Dallas-Fort Worth has the fourth largest population center in the U.S., and as a result, start-up communities can often get lost in the steep volume of business activity. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean a start-up community doesn’t exist; rather, it perhaps gets less exposure in relation to the tighter-knit environment of Austin.

Yet the facts alone reiterate the friendly business environment Dallas has. For example, Dallas boasts the 6th largest concentration of high tech workers in U.S., is in the top 20 region for number of patents issued and is the 5th largest metro in self-employment in U.S. Moreover, according to PitchBook data, Angel investors invested $213.5 million into 35 start-ups in the first nine months of this year.  That’s virtually three times last year’s total angel investments of $73.4 million in 42 deals.

Hence, as revealed above,  Texas as a whole, inclusive of Dallas, is particularly small business friendly. Certainly, from Dallas to Austin, Texas as a state is thriving. In addition, the R&D tax credit can help put cash back into start-ups and several states, including Texas, offer businesses their own version of the R&D tax credit. Want more information? Contact TexasTaxCredit to talk to a specialised R&D expert who will be able to help you understand more about the R&D Tax Credit scheme.