Austin, Texas Ranks as Best City to Launch a Startup

austin-247_640Whether it is proudly embellished on a tie-dyed T-shirt or more conservatively reserved to a bumper sticker – the slogan “Keep Austin Weird” has been adopted by the whimsical, creative Austinites to the local businesses, small and large. Nowadays, it has developed to be shorthand for all that is in vogue in the city. Austin’s creative vitality has gained it the reputation as an innovative business hub; liberal, forward-thinking and young.

Although Texas is often caricatured as an endless desert, best known for ranches and rodeos, the massive state actually boasts a thriving tech scene. In fact, Small Business Trends ranked Austin the ‘best city to launch a startup’. Julie Huls, who is the Austin Technology Council’s president, believes this is due to Austin’s open, collaborative business climate and diverse group of seasoned leaders.

However, it’s not just startups flourishing in Texas – well-known corporations like Websense, Toyota, and Google’s Americas Operation Center, have all made the transfer to Texas. Moreover, in terms of job creation in the technology sector, Austin ranks as one of the top cities in the United States.

With small tax burdens, a substantial startup grid and strong established businesses, Texas’ business environment is proving to be prosperous. In addition, Texas, and the federal government, offers research and development (R&D) tax credits and incentives to support enterprises that are conducting research activities. If a company can demonstrate that it has incurred expenses which fall under qualified research, then it may claim R&D tax credits and incentives. With expert help, you can easily learn how your company can qualify for R&D tax credits in Texas. Contact Texas Tax Credit today to find out how your company can benefit from this program.