Why Claim the Research and Development Tax Credit

This is the time of innovation, of exploration, research and development when it comes to many different types of companies within our country. In fact, it is so important that there are research and development tax credits that make great incentives for companies to explore.

What is a Research and Development Tax Credit?

 For those living in Texas, the research and development tax credit applies at both the federal and state level, encouraging startups and long standing companies to undertake research and development initiatives to benefit their companies and their industries as a whole. While it may be challenging to determine whether your company could benefit from this tax incentive, it is worth the look as the potential financial implications are tremendous. In many instances, companies that may have previously been denied access for Texas research and development tax credit will in fact be eligible to apply for the claim with accurate evidence to support it and a clear understanding of the IRS guidelines.

 Specialized Support

Understanding the eligibility process and filing format of research and development tax credits is crucial.TexasTaxCredit.com  That is why we at Texas R&D Tax Credit Solutions employ chartered accountants, research and development specialists, legal support and tax agents that will ensure you get the full understanding of how you can benefit from the research and development tax credit. Additionally, we have staff who can provide up-to-date technical sessions to your staff to make sure they are fully aware of all the new changes around the research and development tax credit, addressing any questions or concerns they may have during their process.

We want to ensure that your staff have all the practical and up-to-date information so that your company can realize the greatest return and benefit of claiming the research and development credit for your company. In addition to ensuring your staff are fully engaged in the process, we will be there from start to finish. Teaching your staff what they need to know and whether you as a company is entitled to claim the research and development tax credit is the first step. Having the knowledge, experience and ability to successfully make a valid claim is the key to approval and we will work closely with your staff throughout this, providing whatever specialized and personal attention that is required. We can put together the documentation for you or work with your specialized team to ensure all documents required by the IRS are prepared.

What we can do

 One of the things that we can guarantee you in addition to our expertise, is our confidence in the services we provide. We pride ourselves on being professional and are confident in our ability to work closely with any client to address their particular, unique expectations. We do not attempt to create a cookie cutter approach to our relationships, but in fact will evolve it to accommodate each new client’s needs. To learn more about how our team at Texas R&D Tax Credit Solutions can help your company claim the R&D tax credit, contact us on our toll free number at 1-844-467-9267 to get started today.