The Importance of Specialist Knowledge for R&D Tax Claims

The Research and Development Tax Credit can be extremely beneficial to companies across Texas. It is important to to consult a specialist in the field who will be able to pass on their skills and expertise to make sure your claim is done efficiently and properly so you can receive the most money possible. 

Providing Confidence and Security:

The team at Texas R&D Tax Credit Solutions is made up of a group of professionals whose combined specialist knowledge allows our service to cover tax, accountancy, legal advice and support. This combination which incorporates our own Chartered Accountants and Tax Advisors means that we are able to understand  the needs of the companies which we engage with. This in turn means that the documentation and information needed to ensure that relevant R & D tax incentives for these companies are obtained without having to disturb business activities and staff. The ability to provide this service discreetly and efficiently gives the Texas based companies we work with the confidence that their finances are being looked after by experts.

Professionally Qualified:

Taxation and the law surrounding it is a complex matter. Since the IRS made the R & D tax Credit a Tier 1 issue in 2007, companies have been under increasing scrutiny and pressure to make sure that their claims for the tax credit were evidenced correctly with a high level of detailed documentation being required. Many companies simply do not have the knowledge base or expertise within their walls to provide what the IRS needs. This is why many companies seek the expertise that Texas R&D Tax Credit Solutions can provide. Our staff are all professionally qualified which means that the R & D Taxation team know what information they need and how to find it.

Always Up to Date:

Legislation and regulations in all matters of taxation and law can change over time. Most companies do not have the capacity or resources to keep up with all of the updates and amendments to legislation that need to be understood when obtaining or keeping R & D tax credits. The advantage of a company having a specialist team of professionals at their fingertips is that they can rely on that team to possess the tax and legal expertise required, and to be up to date with any changes that might impact the receipt of tax credits. This means that the advice provided by Texas R&D Tax Credit Solutions will always be the right advice for any individual company’s circumstances.

It is important that any company looking for tax advisors to provide support and advice can trust the professionals they speak to and feel confident that the information provided is sound. If you are looking for someone to help with your R & D tax credits complete our Contact Form and one of our professional advisors will get in touch with you to discuss your needs.