EpiCypher a leader in R&D

Houston Texas Downtown

Biotech giant, EpiCypher announced a decision to move to North Carolina  to undertake R&D and lab operations in Chapel Hill. The company also announced an offering of five fully-funded Epigenetic Grants to fund R&D projects that involve the study of histone modifications in physiologic or pathologic processes.

With the Texas R&D Tax credit back in action now is the best time for companies to invest in research and development projects to stay innovative and get ahead of the game.

EpiCypher announced a total of five (5) such projects as part of the company’s continuing efforts to help researchers unlock biomedical mysteries.

The revised Texas credit is available to all industries involved in R&D activities including; architecture & engineering, manufacturing, IT, oil & gas, food processing, agriculture and construction – but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Applying for the tax credit is an important tool for businesses because it reduces the effective tax rate, it is a great tax planning tool and most importantly it puts much needed cash back into a business – where it’s needed most.

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